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Pressure sensitive tapes are made of two elements, the carrier and the adhesive. The strength of a tape is defined by the combination of materials used in its construction. A wide range of both carriers and adhesives are available for specific applications but Premier’s stock tapes are mainly made from polypropylene and vinyl.


This is the material to which the adhesive is applied and is usually 48mm wide. Different carriers have different properties and can be supplied in a variety of weights and materials including cloth, tissue, paper, polyester and foil. The most commonly used carriers are included in the Premier range.


  • Cannot be torn by hand
  • Stretches lengthways
  • Tape releases from the roll with a screech

Low Noise Polypropylene

Same as above but with a special liner added to reduce the amount of noise created when
releasing the tape.


  • Can be torn by hand
  • Stretches across the width of the tape
  • Tape releases silently from the roll when pulled


Different types of adhesive perform well under different conditions:


  • A good general purpose adhesive
  • Tends to be the cheapest option
  • A synthetic, water based material with a sweet smell
  • Not suitable for use in extreme conditions

Hot Melt

  • Hot melt adhesive has a burnt plastic smell
  • Performs well in a wider range of conditions and on a wider range of surfaces than
    acrylic adhesives


  • Solvent adhesive has an odour not too dissimilar to nail varnish remover
  • It is well suited for use in low temperature conditions
  • Solvent is the most expensive form of adhesive

In theory any adhesive can be added to one or both sides of a carrier. The best carrier and adhesive combination depends on the surface that the tape is being applied to and the stresses it is expected to endure.

Premier stock a wide range of the most commonly used tapes. Essential Packaging tapes are high quality and recognised for their value and performance. Click on one of the products below for more information:

For specialist tapes Premier offer 3M products. We work closely with our suppliers who can
provide alternatives to the branded items. The Premier Packaging team can help to source
specialist tapes.

Premier can also supply bespoke printing (up to four colours) on a variety of tapes depending on the quantity, quality and material required. For more information or enquiries contact