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Premier EU Timber Regulation Compliance Statement


Statement of Responsible purchasing & Compliance

The EU Timber Regulation 955/2010 is legislation (March 2013) that prohibits the importation and trade of illegally logged timber and timber products within the EU. We are committed to purchasing all timber from legal sources and seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

As a trader, we maintain traceability records of all purchases and sales of timber products, and as an operator, we conduct a due diligence assessment of all timber products that we are responsible for placing onto the EU marketplace for the first time – ensuring that any risks of illegally logged timber content have been satisfied. Our Due Diligence program comprises: Research and Information gathering, Risk assessment procedure and Risk Mitigation process. The method is documented and incorporated into our business management system and records held.

To lower risk further, we have an active policy to only purchase FSC® or PEFC™ certified paper. As members of FSC and PEFC schemes since 2007 we are subjected to annual third-party assessment, conduct our own rigorous internal audit program, implement DDS procedures as well as inspection of every paper delivery. We consider both FSC and PEFC as credible certification schemes for paper supply in those countries where good governance and forest regulation support sustainable forestry.

We welcome participation of customer audits and will provide designated authorities access to all required information.

Therefore, with Premier Paper Ltd purchases being EUTR compliant, our products can be purchased with confidence and provide peace of mind.

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