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Spine Tape


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    Spine Tape
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    Spine Tape is ideal for spine binding applications such as cheque books, note pads, ticket books, NCR pads and many more applications.


    Stock CodeDescriptionMetric SizeBox Qty
    SPINETAPE2450BLACKBlack Bookbinding Tape25mm x50m36
    SPINETAPE3850BLACKBlack Bookbinding Tape38mm x 50m24
    SPINETAPE4850BLACKBlack Bookbinding Tape50mm x 50m18
    SPINETAPE7550BLACKBlack Bookbinding Tape75mm x 50m12
    SPINETAPE2450BLUEBlue Bookbinding Tape25mm x50m36
    SPINETAPE3850BLUEBlue Bookbinding Tape38mm x 50m24
    SPINETAPE4850BLUEBlue Bookbinding Tape50mm x 50m18
    SPINETAPE7550BLUEBlue Bookbinding Tape75mm x 50m12
    SPINETAPE2450GREENGreen Bookbinding Tape25mm x50m36
    SPINETAPE3850GREENGreen Bookbinding Tape38mm x 50m24
    SPINETAPE4850GREENGreen Bookbinding Tape50mm x 50m18
    SPINETAPE7550GREENGreen Bookbinding Tape75mm x 50m12
    SPINETAPE2450REDRed Bookbinding Tape25mm x50m36
    SPINETAPE3850REDRed Bookbinding Tape38mm x 50m24
    SPINETAPE4850REDRed Bookbinding Tape50mm x 50m18
    SPINETAPE7550REDRed Bookbinding Tape75mm x 50m12
    SPINETAPE2450WHITEWhite Bookbinding Tape25mm x50m36
    SPINETAPE3850WHITEWhite Bookbinding Tape38mm x 50m24
    SPINETAPE4850WHITEWhite Bookbinding Tape50mm x 50m18
    SPINETAPE7550WHITEWhite Bookbinding Tape75mm x 50m12

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