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    Premier Paper & Semaphore – Millennium Centre NHS Graphics

    Premier Paper has teamed up with Semaphore Display to help say a big thank you or ‘diolch’ to th...

    Premier and Lexon, Doing Their Bit to Help the NHS

    Premier Paper, one of the UK’s leading merchants of printable media, has recently supplied South W...

    Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Message from Julia Bradbury & The Outdoor Guide

        Dear Premier Paper,   We have enjoyed meeting many of you on your tre...

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    Environmental News

    Premier Introduce Carbon Captured Papers

    August 2012 -

    August 2012 – Carbon captured papers “Demonstrating a responsible approach to the environment and adopting a reduced carbon strategy, can deliver a competitive advantage,” says Premier Paper Group Marketing Director David Jones The Premier Paper Group, the UK’s largest independent paper merchant with sixteen regional branch offices, currently supplies 180,000 tonnes of paper a year … Continue reading Premier Introduce Carbon Captured Papers

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