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Bespoke Boxes and Corrugated Board


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Bespoke Boxes and Corrugated Board
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When you need to despatch anything from small, fragile items to huge outdoor signs it’s not always possible to find something off the shelf.

Premier Paper can supply one to one million bespoke boxes and have a team of Packaging Specialists around the country that can help you along every step from design to delivery.
What are the benefits of having a bespoke box:

  • Optimum protection for your product, reducing costs on damages and returns
  • Internal / External print to promote your product every step of the way
  • Reduce packing times and improve productivity
  • Make your brand stand out from the competition
  • Give your customers that ‘wow factor’ when opening the box

There are hundreds of different FEFCO box styles available, the most common ones being:

0201 This is the style of our corrugated stock boxes, the flaps meet in the middle at the top and bottom for taping closure.

0203 Similar to the 0201 style but with overlapping flaps at the top and bottom of the box, increasing the protection in these areas.

0215 The box has a tuck flap or ‘crash lock’ base meaning that the bottom of the box does not require taping. This can improve the time it takes to pack the product.

0301 This is a telescopic or ‘tray and lid’ box made up of two components. This gives extra protection around the length and width of the box.

0401 Often referred to as a ‘Maltese Cross’ this style of box is ideal for packing thin items such as boards and signage.

0427 Commonly called a ‘pizza style box’ the flaps tuck into the box when the hinged lid is closed negating the need for using any tape.

As well as the box style it’s important to consider the board grade used.

All boxes are made from corrugated board that has a liner on both the inside and outside of the fluting. The strength depends on the combination of the size of the fluting and the weight of the paper. Boxes can be single or double wall, depending on the weight of the product to be carried and amount of protection you need.