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Folex Digiprint® Films

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Folex Digiprint® Films

Folex Digiprint® Films are a range of flat, stable and durable polyester sheets.

The sheets are coated with special ink receptive layers for HP Indigo ElectroInk printing; yielding clean and brilliant colour reproductions from HP Indigo digital presses.

Folex Digiprint® Films are the perfect solutions for signs, charts, maps, displays, manuals, badges, stickers, point of sale, window graphics and much more.


FinishSizeThickness (mic)AdhesivePack Size
Silver Metallic PE450 x 32050Permanent100
Gold Metallic PE450 x 32070Permanent100
Platinum Metallic PE450 x 32070Permanent100
Clear PE450 x 32075Window Tac200
Clear PE450 x 32075Permanent200
Gloss White PE450 x 32075Permanent200
Gloss White PE500 x 70075Permanent100
Clear PE500 x 70075Permanent200
Clear PE500 x 70075Window Tac100
Translucent Matt450 x 32090N/A200
Silver Metallic PE450 x 320100N/A200
Clear PE450 x 320130N/A200
Clear PE750 x 530130N/A100
Clear PE450 x 320180N/A200
Gloss White PE450 x 320180N/A200
Clear PE750 x 530180N/A100
Gloss White PE450 x 320250N/A200
Gloss White PE750 x 530250N/A100
Clear PE450 x 320275Cling100
White PE450 x 320275Cling100

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