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E-Digital Self Adhesive


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    E-Digital Self Adhesive
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    E-Digital self-adhesive is a cost-effective range of digitally printable label media.

    Designed with dry toner presses in mind, stability, runnability and printability are at the forefront of this range’s construction, but with better overall cost efficiency (and runnability) over converting from SRA2, and many other SRA3 grades in the market place.

    Cutting sheets costs time and money, and guillotined sheets sometimes struggle to meet the tolerances of digital presses, leading to running issues. E-Digital self-adhesive sheets are

    cut to SRA3 digital tolerances, saving you the time and money of cutting and allowing you to run sheets straight to press without prior conversion.

    The 3 main factors of the range’s construction that makes it well suited to dry toner printing are:

    • Face stock receptivity to dry toner printing – maintaining the print resolution of high-definition work


    • Adhesives specifically designed to withstand fusing temperatures – minimising potential adhesive bleed that can cause jams and shorten the time between servicing


    • 90gsm white kraft baking sheet for additional stability and curl resistance – helping maintain consistency in print runs and improving your efficiency


    Choose from solid or precision cut score back within the Permanent range, or precision cut score back in the Removable range. The score backs are positioned every 35mm running parallel to the long edge and feature no mill branded back print.

    E-Digital Self Adhesive is the perfect solution when producing:

    • Bottle labels
    • Retail packaging
    • Warning labels
    • Medication labels



    Product DescriptionSize mmSplit/SolidAdhesiveFace Paper CallperTotal Callper
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Matt450x320SplitPerm74178
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Matt450x320SplitRem74177
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Gloss450x320SolidPerm68172
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Gloss450x320SplitPerm68172
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Gloss450x320SplitRem68171
    E-Digital Self Adhesive High Gloss450x320SplitPerm76180
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Laser450x320SolidPerm90194
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Laser450x320SplitPerm90194
    E-Digital Self Adhesive Laser450x320SplitRem90193

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