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September 2016 – Available exclusively from The Premier Paper Group, the UK’s largest independent paper merchant, Multicopy is more than just a paper.

Almost any blank sheet of paper looks white, clean and inviting. Some qualities even have a smoother surface or offer a brighter white tone but at a glance they can all look quite similar. That is until you start printing. With MultiCopy it’s all about performance, with its smooth surface, high brightness and superb runnability, Multicopy produces perfect print results time after time. So there’s no thinking to be done. You simply just have to use Multicopy and print.

MultiCopy is a multifunctional paper, with the adaptability to work equally well for both photocopying and litho printing applications. With its superb printability, excellent results can be produced in both colour and black & white print. MultiCopy is perfect for all types of print job, from presentations, newsletters and invoices, through to menus and brochures. Multicopy can handle both images and graphics with ease and is great for text. So be it at home or in the office, Multicopy is the multifunctional paper for your print application.

Many paper’s say that they are reliable, but with MultiCopy, as with its other qualities, it’s different. Multicopy never jams. With Multicopy every sheet of paper is vacuumed, so that there is no dust left in your printer. Dust can cause sheets of paper to slide and get stuck, but with Multicopy, there’s no dust – so no jams. In addition, every batch of Multicopy is tested for its print quality and runnability. By going this far in the production process, you can be sure of a reliable print, time after time. Runnability, as with reliability is important. MultiCopy flows through your machine without any problems or jams, saving you both time and money and providing a stress free end result.

Every pack of MultiCopy carries the ColorLok® Technology label, which tells you that Multicopy delivers on its promises. The ColorLok® technology defines how the paper interacts with printing. The pigments in the ink are retained on the surface of the paper, while the body of the paper rapidly absorbs the fluid. This results in improved opacity for coloured and black print, together with a shorter drying time. This provides almost dry prints straight out of the printer, with no smears or blurs.
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Black or Colour
With its ColorLok® technology guarantee, when colours land on the surface of each Multicopy sheet they are lifted to a new level, providing vivid images and powerful impressions; time after time, on every print.

With a perfectly finished print surface, your black print stays powerful, whilst the surface ink adhesion creates an undiluted, dense and intense darkness. Graphics and images gain depth and clarity, and together with any printed text, they remain crisp and sharp, helping to increase the power of your printed message.

MultiCopy has been developed to give an outstanding performance on electronic printing processes and this makes it especially suitable for pre-print applications. With its even surface, high level of whiteness and excellent opacity, MultiCopy is one of the most reliable pre-print papers on the market. You can use MultiCopy for a variety of applications, from letterheads and invoices to forms and information sheets. When your customers put it into their printers and copiers, you can be confident that it will give first class, trouble free results, time after time.

All MultiCopy sheets are packaged in an attractive green wrapper for a particular reason. This is to show and underline Multicopy’s green commitment to the world. The array of ecolabels that adorn each pack are testament to MultiCopy’s environmental credentials – The Nordic Swan, the EU Flower, Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This, coupled with the mill’s own ISO 14001 and EMAS certification adds further to Multicopy’s environmental profile.

Multicopy is produced at Stora Enso’s ground-breaking, environmentally friendly Nymolla integrated mill in Sweden, where pulp and paper is produced on the same site minimising the impact of distribution on the environment.  In addition the surplus heat from the mill supplies the district heating network (around 3,000 homes). Thereby providing fresh air, cleaner water and sustainable energy, underlining the fact that Multicopy is so much more than just paper! As MultiCopy is TCF, a much cleaner process is used in its manufacturing to make MultiCopy white. Together with its environmental credentials of The Nordic Ecolabel, the EU Ecolabel and FSC® certifications, Multicopy users can be ensured that the pulp used in its manufacture is sourced from sustainably managed forests. So by selecting Multicopy, you can be sure that your environmental footprint is not treading on anyone’s toes!

MultiCopy is available from Premier in a wide range of grammages and sizes, enabling customers to find exactly the paper that you want, for exactly the application they need it for.
For more information on Multicopy, contact your local Premier branch.