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Reacto Carbonless Paper, Delivered by Experts

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Premier is working in partnership with The Koehler Paper Group to supply Reacto carbonless sheets to the UK print market.

Reacto is a high-quality, reliable carbonless paper that gives clear reproduction on multipart sets. The resin based multi-sheet system has been developed over time by Koehler to give excellent print and finishing results, time after time. Reacto is ideal for the print reproduction of images, text and signatures, and, is a perfect solution for delivery notes, order forms, contracts, invoices or any other document requiring multiple copies. Throughout 2022 and 2023 Premier have been gradually rolling out the introduction of Reacto carbonless paper from its branches, across the UK.

Koehler is a profoundly innovative and forward-thinking organisation that, by 2030, aims to generate more energy from renewable sources at their own plants, for the production of their paper. This statement is supported in line with their second pillar, Renewable Energy, which has sustained a primary focus for the German Paper Group.

Premier’s Group Marketing Director Dave Jones, commented “We identified Koehler as the right long-term strategic partner for Premier. Koehler’s investment in the carbonless paper sector will ensure the ongoing supply and availability of a carbonless paper range to meet the future needs of our customers. Koehler’s commitment to sustainability in their production process also demonstrates that we have similar environmental values.”

Impressively, Koehler Group has six biomass power plant sites distributed across Germany with no plans of slowing down. The company’s first wind farm was installed in Edintore, Scotland in early 2017, and expanded to an additional farm in Wetzlar-Blasbach that is scheduled to start operating in 2023. With the company-wide focus on decarbonisation, Koehler are well on their way to meeting their target of reduced 2003 scope 1 direct greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, by 2030. By 2024, plans are underway to switching its bituminous coal powerplant to biomass as the primary fuel source. By switching they will be cutting more than 150,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year. A similar project is underway in Greiz saving more than 24,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Environmentally stable production is part of Koehler’s corporate philosophy. The Koehler Paper Group’s conservation activities have received numerous regional and national awards. All environmentally relevant processes are certified as part of their management system under DIN ISO 14001.

In line with the Carbon Capture® initiative and Premier’s overall environmental social responsibilities, this partnership is a seamless blend of shared values and vision.

Contact your local Premier branch for more information about the Reacto portfolio and samples or alternatively visit