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    Premier Film Review – The Joker

    October 2019 -

    The Joker

    The Crown Prince of Crime returns to Gotham City in this latest imagining of the archetypal super-villain from director Todd Phillips – but how does this new story about one of the comic book world’s most loved villains compare to its impress predecessors?

    There seems to be a stigma when it comes to portraying the Joker; such a menacing and disturbed character – a psychotic clown with no empathy, no clear rules and an ever changing agenda. The late Heath Ledger and of course Jack Nicholson nailed the role in their respective franchises, when it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Walk the Line) was cast as the lead, there were mixed feelings among the fans – with some the news was met with discord and others fascination.

    As we delve into the madness of the Joker (hey, we all go a little mad sometimes… right?) it’s important to note that it’s incredibly difficult to talk about this film without ruining some essential plot points and moments that you won’t want to miss.

    The Joker serves as an origin movie of sorts, probably the best on screen telling of the Joker’s (in this case Arthur Fleck’s) back story, his down trodden existence, his brutal past, present… and future. It’s haunting, it makes you cringe – it’s a psychological and emotional rollercoaster!

    This film feels so well crafted, from start to finish, the storyline, the casting, the script and the eerie breakout moments of Phoenix’s own design. Believe the hype, the Joker is one of if not the best film of 2019, Phoenix gives everything to the role (blood, sweat, tears… agonising creepy laughs), a tour de force performance – not to be missed!