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    Premier Film Review – Floorshark

    October 2019 -

    Just when you thought it was safe… with Kernowjet Floorshark from Premier Paper you can give your floor graphics some added ‘bite’!

    At SDUK 2019, Premier showcased Kernowjet Floorshark in both entrances to the hall (a stunning shark design that looked too realistic for some nervous attendees) and also on the Premier Display Graphics stand as part of an oceanic back drop to the larger Jaws installation. Floorshark has also recently been used to freshen up Premier branches as part of an incredible visual display.

    About Floorshark

    Kernowjet Floorshark is a R10 certified polyester, easy to apply one-part floor graphic system with a unique ‘sharkskin’ coating that absorbs ink and dries tough. This ultra tough polyester has no need for lamination and has no shrinkage making it ideal for all manner of indoor floor graphic applications with little to no detriment to its appearance.

    You’ll want a bigger floor!

    Kernowjet Floorshark is available in 170mic in a choice of two widths (1372mm and 1524mm), has HP Latex certification and can also be printed with solvent and UV inks. This ultra tough polyester floor graphic media, displays a great colour gamut to produce some visually impress print productions – you’ll be so impressed with the results that you’ll want to apply Kernowjet Floorshark on just about every bare floor that you encounter.


    To learn more about Kernowjet, for prices or trial material please contact your local Premier branch or alternatively email