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Premier Boost Service Capabilities to Display Graphics Customers

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Premier’s Dartford facility has undergone a series of developments to help ensure that the merchant meets the ever-growing demand of the sign and display industry.

In 2019 Premier, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of paper, packaging and print media, opened the doors to their new 48,000 square feet facility in Dartford. Since then, the merchant has invested in a series of technology and equipment to help meet the needs of their display graphics customers.

Steve Jones, Premier’s Director for Display Sheets and Thermoplastic, explains “Customer expectations are shifting. Increasingly, customers have different requirements that need alternative solutions with a rapid response and turnaround. Realistically, this can only be delivered when offered from under one roof.”

Premier have invested significantly in state-of-the-art conversion machinery to ensure that every customer requirement can be delivered from the same location, helping to speed up and improve the conversion service offered to customers of thermoplastic products. One such machine is the Schelling FK6, a plastic and composite panel saw, that cuts with speed and precision, on sheets up to 120mm thick. Premier also added the Cauhe GH 366, a high-performance, heavy-duty guillotine with the ability to cut up to 3,660mm wide sheets. Both machines join a semi-automated, wall mounted Streibig Saw, giving Premier increased capabilities to cut products including Plexiglas, Foamalux, Etalbond, Marlon FSX and many more.

Jones continues, “We have grown our depot in line with our customer demand. By listening to our customers’ needs, we have developed a conversion hub that strengthens our capabilities, giving them ease of access to all of our services.”

Premier operate their own dedicated delivery fleet and nationwide stock holding branches throughout the UK. Recent additions to Premier’s fleet include some a series of 18 tonne delivery vehicles that have been designed specifically to Premier’s specifications. Featuring some of the latest innovations in clean emissions and road safety, the vehicles also have a unique twin floor trailer which is fitted with cameras, a bungee cord strapping system and reinforced side curtains. The trailers are comprised of a 400mm high lower-level compartment as well as a 7-foot-high upper compartment, allowing for the protected and stabilised transportation of wide format media.

“There are so many benefits to Premier, in having our own fleet,” explained Steve, “But by far the biggest beneficiaries are our customers, as orders can often require an urgent response and our teams are permanently on hand waiting to provide just that.”

These investments further highlight Premier’s commitment to the future and to improving the overall levels of service provided to their customers. For more information about Premier and their products visit or contact your local Premier branch.