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    Premier Becomes Stockist of UPM Finesse, UPM Digi Finesse & UPM Fine

    UPM Finesse, UPM Digi Finesse and UPM Fine ranges are now available from Premier. In 2019 Premier...

    Touchshield™ anti-microbial film now available from Premier

    Introducing Touchshield™ Premier has announced the addition of Touchshield™,...

    eTEC - the Star-Studded Cast

    eTEC - the Star-Studded Cast eTEC is comprised of a 'star-studded cast' of 'show...

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    eTEC – the Star-Studded Cast

    December 2020 -

    eTEC – the Star-Studded Cast

    eTEC is comprised of a ‘star-studded cast’ of ‘show stopping’ wide format products that have been carefully selected and sourced from leading UK and European manufacturers. This ‘A-List’ range of display graphics features a choice of reliable, high quality media; perfect for producing blockbusting visual displays. Floor & Décor, Octotac and WV300FR are just some of the all-star cast that make the eTEC range ready for action and guaranteed to win best picture.

    Green Screen

    Spoiler Alert! Sustainability is an important plot point that you won’t want to miss and eTEC ticks that box too! There is a strong ethical dimension behind all products within the range, they are sourced from leading, reputable UK and European manufacturers; this minimises the environmental impact by keeping the supply chain as short as possible. The CO2 emissions from the production, storage and distribution of eTEC products can also be mitigated through the Carbon Capture® Programme, directly supporting the work of the Woodland Trust.

    Now Showing – eTEC is available from Premier Paper, throughout the UK 

    Customers can enjoy a ‘red carpet’ service; eTEC is now available to order from Premier’s entire network of branches throughout the UK and will be delivered to your door by their own fleet of vehicles. You can rest assured that your order is in safe hands.

    Download the eTEC brochure here.