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Aladdin, a wish come true?

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Premier Film Club – Aladdin Review

Live action reworks of old animated classics are becoming more and more common. But are these recreations of our childhood favourites really necessary, especially when they sacredly include the late Robin Williams cast as the iconic genie?

Guy Ritchie’s take on the 1992 Disney adaptation of Aladdin is remarkably safe. The storyline feels very close to its predecessor and is somehow energetic and visually impressive.

The casting of the genie was always going to be a sticking point for many people; however Will Smith does well to charm the audience rather than try to recreate Williams’ wacky 1992 performance. The result adds extra depth to this endearing character although inevitably overshadowing the lead Mena Massoud; who nevertheless excels in some of the more comedic scenes of the movie. Another character that we get to see more of is Princess Jasmine portrayed by Naomi Scott, her ambitions and dignity as a character make her hard to dislike. If one character falls a bit flat then unfortunately it’s the villainous Jafar played by Marwan Kenzani, unlike his cartoon opposite, our live action Jafar seems to lack some of the darkness and viciousness.

One of the major factors that made the original so loved was of course the music. In the remake we are once again treated to all the favourites. ‘One Jump Ahead’ plays with a thrilling chase through the streets of Agrabah, whilst ‘Friend like Me’ is visually stunning! However, look out for a new song; ‘Speechless’, performed by Naomi Scott, helps to further develop Jasmine’s storyline.

Our final thoughts – it’s difficult not to enjoy this magical remake; a visually stunning retelling of a childhood classic with endearing charm and style.