Tips for Cold Weather Applications

In the colder months, applying window graphics can be a chilling experience. In this latest blog post, Premier’s Brad West discusses some top tips from key supplier Contra Vision to achieve a pain-free graphic installation during the winter. 

Hi there and welcome back to Premier’s Display Graphics Blog. Let’s start with an ice breaker, have you ever experienced technical issues when applying window graphics in the colder, winter months? It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve spent a lot of time and money in producing an eye catching display only to find that the vinyl has lost all of its self-adhesive properties; grab a coffee, sit back and get comfy as I discuss some top tips for a successful cold weather installation.

Minimum Application Temperatures

All self-adhesive films, including perforated window films, have a minimum application temperature and low temperatures can make installation difficult, if not impossible. If the temperature of the application setting are below the minimum required then the adhesive can harden, resulting in the material failing to bond effectively to the surface.


The Contra Vision range of perforated window films can be applied reliably at 4°C.

Top Tips for Successful Cold Weather Installations

Contra Vision, a key supplier of Premier’s,  offer some useful advice for a achieving a successful installation during the colder months:
1. In colder months storage temperatures can significantly drop. Avoid leaving graphics overnight in a cold environment such as a vehicle. We recommend that the material is warmed to ‘room temperature’ before application.
2. If possible, apply your graphics in the afternoon once the windows have been warmed by the sun. Investigate other steps to raise the temperature of the glass, perhaps retracting any awnings or leaving the heating on overnight. Don’t use a heat gun to warm the glass or it may shatter.
3. Ensure that the surface is dry and free from any condensation and thoroughly clean the surface from dust, grease or any contamination that could affect the adhesion of the material.
4. Application must be dry, ensuring that the graphics are cut back from the edge of the window by 1-3mm and that all joins are butt joins. Do not overlap.
5. We recommend that the graphics are not cleaned for a minimum of 24 hours after installation.

The Contra Vision Range

The Contra Vision range of perforated window films can be applied reliably at 4°C. This is considerably lower than most other perforated window films. In some climates temperatures may never reach 4°C. Contra Vision’s clear perforated films allow for colder weather applications and, as they are applied internally, graphics are protected from winter slush and dirt.


Brad West 

Director of Wide Format Media & Business Development – Display Graphics