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For decades Ritrama has been one of the world’s leading producers of self-adhesive materials.

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Ritrama: a history of innovation

The story started in 1962 when the pioneering entrepreneur, Arnold Rink, founded Ritrama on the outskirts of Milan, combining entrepreneurial spirit with innovative industrial vision for the sector. After more than 50 years of activity and growth, Ritrama was sold to Fedrigoni Group and its story continued in a constantly changing market, where there was a commitment to ensure the continuity of quality, innovation and Italian family spirit.

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Ritrama: the evolution

Ritrama was, and continues to be, synonymous with innovation and technology. With more than 50 years of history, Ritrama is now changing shape, but not substance. We are becoming a brand focused on graphics, industrial and offset sheets, and our strength lies in our high-level specialization of self-adhesive materials, technology and industrial automation systems, which can meet any type of demand whilst guaranteeing prompt delivery and providing standard and tailor-made solutions.

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Ritrama: technology meets aesthetics

Known for our high-tech self-adhesive film products, we complete the Fedrigoni Group with our high level of technical specialization, bringing technological know-how to the service of aesthetics, and delivering tailor-made, customized products to even the most demanding requests. This is how Ritrama technology complements the world of Fedrigoni papers, in a partnership for the world of luxury products.

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Ritrama: and Premier

Premier have a long-standing history with both Fedrigoni and Ritrama, offering a wide choice of products to printers and sign makers throughout the UK.The following Ritrama products are available from Premier’s display graphics portfolio:

  • Ritrama Ri-jet M100
  • Ritrama Ri-jet Optima P75
  • Ritrama Ri-Dot M100
  • Ritrama Ri-jet M100 Window Vinyl
  • Ritrama Ri-lam M70
  • Ritrama Polymeric
  • Ritrama Ri-lam Optima P75
  • Ritrama Ri-lam PET20 Anti-Graffiti

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Ritrama: and Color Connections

Ritrama product profiles are now available from ColorBase, the go-to, online platform for the modern print shop; the world’s largest collection of print profiles that is easy to use and free to register.

Developed by Color Concepts, ColorBase has been produced by an expert team of software developers, print experts, marketing and colour management specialists; and they are continuously working on the development of this excellent platform to facilitate the requirements of their fast-growing customer base.

Check out the videos below for more information about Ritrama profiles and Color Concepts.

Visit ColorBase  and start downloading your print profiles today!

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