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Giroform Digital

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Giroform Digital

Designed to meet the demands of all digital printing technologies. Giroform Digital has passed the Rochester Institute of Technology substrate qualification programme and is fully approved by HP Indigo.

Top, middle and bottom sheets are available in white, blue, pink, green and yellow tints in the following sizes:


CB90 A4  210×297 W
CFB86 A4  210×297 B, G, P, W, Y
CF90 A4  210×297 Y
2PT P/C A4  210×297 W, Y
2PT R/C A4  210×297 Y, W
3PT P/C A4  210×297 W, Y, P
3PT R/C A4  210×297 P, Y, W


CB90 SRA3 450X320 W
CFB86 SRA3 450X320 B, G, P, W, Y
CF90 SRA3 450X320 P, W, Y
2PT P/C SRA3 450X320 W, Y
2PT R/C SRA3 450X320 Y, W
3PT P/C SRA3 450X320 P, Y, W
3PT R/C SRA3 450X320 W, Y, P

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