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Touchshield™ is a clear watermarked film for easy integration into any work or public environment. Subtle enough to blend in, distinguishable to trust.

Touchshield ™ has a silver ion, anti-microbial protective covering that offers 99% protection against bacteria and viruses.

Ideal for desks, reception desks, doors, board rooms, vending machines, stair rails, kitchen areas, meeting rooms, bathroom surfaces and more.

  • 24/7 & up to 99% protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Certified to ISO 22196 (Bacteria) and ISO 21702 (Viruses)
  • Clear self-adhesive laminate with an identifying Touchshield™ watermark
  • Hi Grab adhesive with excellent long-term removability
  • Easily wiped down and cleaned
  • Anti-microbial protection lasting for the life of the application


Click here to download tech sheet: CPET75

Click here to download tech sheet:  WPVC70

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