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    Magno Paper Range at Heidelberg’s 2020 Vision Open House

    March 2014 -

    March 2014 – 

    As well as presenting new insights into the future of print, Heidelberg’s 2020 Vision Open House Event, will introduce new presses and technologies to participants. Sappi Europe SA is a partner for the event and will be supplying the secret ingredient for the occasion – Magno paper. Sappi’sMagno range of paper, recognised for its consistent quality in sheet fed, will be used exclusively on all Heidelberg presses over the 2-day event.

    Held during Ipex, the event has been designed asa forum where UK printers can look at some of the challenges and opportunities they will face as we head towards the next decade. It will address some of the following questions: What will printing look like by 2020? Will it retain the same shape and structure? How can printers make choices that improve efficiency and appeal to ensure they are part of that future? Richard Worby, Sales Manager for Sappi in the UK is looking forward to the debate, “We all have a part in shaping the future of print. New technologies are helping to bring paper to the next level – and paper certainly has its own place in the digital era. This event will be a great opportunity to look ahead together.”

    Printers have been using Magno for over 2 decades. Sappi knows that printers prefer to use the same brand when a project demands several grammages and/or coatings.The Magnorange has 9 surfaces including an uncoated option: natural, matt, plus matt, volume, satin, plus silk, rapid silk, gloss star and plus star. It prints with strong intensity, colour and detail, and is renowned for its consistency. 115gsm 130gsm and 250gsm will be used during the event.

    Source – RISI